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The book Mathew’s Monsters by Stephanie Sisler is a story and an activity all rolled into one. It is designed to test and strengthen reading comprehension while having fun! This book is about a young boy who imagines there are monsters in his room at night. It’s a cute story, full of wonderful descriptions, that had R giggling throughout.

Matthew's Monsters Review by Childhood Beckons
I read the story to R, who is not quite ready to read this one on his own, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He absorbed the story and loved answering the comprehension questions. He took great pride in circling the correct answers, right there in the book! There were also several pages to color for further hands-on involvement.
R loves to color, but it was a bit too much for him to color all at once. I see this as a bonus. As I read the book to him the first time, he answered all of the questions, but I let him pick out the pages he wanted to color. Then we read it again. And again. He kept coming back to this book and had a lot of fun while he worked his way through it.


Enjoying Matthew's Monsters


A Special Offer:

You can purchase this book on Amazon or at CreativeReadingForKids.com. The Creative Reading For Kids website also has a sneak peek and bonus activity! And if you buy this book through the website, be sure to type “Childhood Beckons” in the comment section at the end of the order to receive a free set of greeting cards. The greeting cards feature all of the monsters in the book and come with a set of markers. And they are awesome. This is a freebie worth 15 dollars just for Childhood Beckons readers!

And I hope that you’ll follow Mathew’s Monsters on Facebook for future updates. There are more books in the works, and clicking “like” will ensure you’re one of the first to know when they are available!
{Disclosure– I received a copy of this book and a set of the greeting cards to review. The opinions expressed are my own and they are honest. I did not receive any other compensation, and I will not receive anything if you purchase a book.}

Extension Activities:

This fantastic book prompted a whole week on monsters! Here are a few of the activities we had fun with.
  • Monster Math– Create your own monster minus the eyes! Have fun with math to add them afterwards. Please visit the post to find out more.
  • Monster Hunt– Craft simple little monsters out of construction paper and hide them around the house. For an added element of fun, have your child search for them with a flashlight!
  • Crayon-resist Watercolor Monster– Have your child imagine and illustrate their very own monster.
  • Monster Munch Phonics– Monsters love munching words! Come back next week to see the details of this playfully educational game.
  • Make a Monster Game– This one was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to share the details! Come back next week to read all about it.


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