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Matthew’s Monsters: When the lights go out and he’s all tucked into bed, Matthew hears noises in every part of his room! He imagines the monsters under his bed, in his toy box, closet and trashcan! His wild imagination takes him on a quest to find the monsters he keeps imagining, but is it a monster he finds in the end? A good book to show our children how ‘active’ their imaginations can be and that there a no such things as monsters!
Readers are guided to imagine and visualize the same monsters Matthew thinks are in his room at night. After reading parts of the story, readers get a chance to answer questions and ‘participate’ in the illustrations by coloring the monsters using the descriptive words in the story.

One Bright Monster: All of the monsters in Monsterville have a special talent of their own. Sparky, a young and very smart monster, is worried he won’t be able to find his talent before school begins. Will he be able to discover his talent before the first day of school? One Bright Monster helps reinforce reading comprehension skills by allowing the reader to participate in the story.  This book is designed for adult and child to interact with the story as Sparky discovers his very special talent. Some of the illustrations in the book are left uncolored to give the reader a chance to participate as the illustrator and fill in the pictures with crayons, colored pencils or markers. There are descriptive colors in the text to help the reader visualize the way the illustrations should be finished. There are also pages for the reader to get creative and name the different monsters in the pictures; just another way to get involved and have fun with the story!

Marietta The Mermaid: Marietta is a mermaid born on a majestic day under the sea to loving parents, however they soon realize their baby mermaid looks a little different than all others. Marietta’s pale green tail does not have any scales. Even though she is unique, Marietta’s family see her as beautiful anyway. When it becomes time to start school Marietta is nervous about her scale-less tail, but she soon learns that beauty comes from the inside and that is the one thing that makes a beautiful and happy mermaid. Some of the illustrations in the book are left uncolored to give the reader a chance to participate as the illustrator and fill in the pictures with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

Gravy On My Mashed Potatoes: A special book celebrating our lives and the people that make our lives extraordinary! Guided by special pictures and writing prompts, the readers are able to write about themselves and the special relationships they share with friends and family members right inside this book. There are also spots for pasting special pictures in the most perfect places. Children can be the authors and the artists with this unique book families can treasure forever.

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Want to buy all four books and send a little surprise to your small loved one once a month for FOUR months? You can purchase all four and pay one standard shipping fee, and we will send one book per month to the child who loves to read! We will even send a FREE box of crayons or colored pencils with the first order. The gift that keeps on giving (well at least for a little while!). First shipment is Matthew’s Monsters right after the purchase is processed. Second month shipment is One Bright Monster. Third month shipment is Marietta The Mermaid. And the final fourth month shipment is Gravy On My Mashed Potatoes. Kids will love receiving their books each month!

Make sure you leave a comment in the comment box at the end of your order with the name(s) of the child you’d like the book dedicated to along with a special note from the author.


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