We specialize in projects that introduce reading as a fun activity for you and your children to share!

Welcome to Creative Reading for Kids

Children’s Books with a Purpose!

Every title available from Creative Reading for Kids is designed to be a creative exploration for your loved ones. Each exploration will encourage and push your children to interact with the illustrations and further their educational foundation without them even realizing it. For example:

  • Matthew’s Monsters is an exploration of Visual Comprehension.
  • Gravy on My Mashed Potatoes is an exploration of Self Discovery.
  • Titles from other creative childrens authors are also available here.
  • New Merchandise and Books will be added so check back regularly, or check out our Blog.

Why Creative Reading for Kids?

A Little Background

My name is Stephanie Sisler, and as the author of Matthew’s Monsters, I’d like to introduce you to a fun activity book to help younger students with reading comprehension skills. I’ve been teaching students with and without disabilities in the classroom for over seven years, and found that even some students that read at or above his/her grade level still could not comprehend details of the text they had just read. I was equipped with many ways to accommodate any of the other learning deficiencies, and began challenging myself to figure out how to effectively help students who had a learning disability in this specific area. I sought out and obtained specialized training in phonetics and reading comprehension to aid in addressing children who have problems with reading comprehension and are having difficulties visualizing pictures in their minds. After integrating these techniques with my years of experience, I was able to make headway in addressing individuals reading comprehension. Thus finding the missing piece!

The Idea & Implementation

The realization that we now live in a world of visual stimulation with television, video games, and the internet, it is all too easy to have pictures made available within the blink of an eye. Our brains don’t have to work as hard to put that picture in our minds because of the overabundance of visual aids. As a result when formulating the concept for Matthew’s Monsters I wanted young children to be able to participate with the author and illustrator so they would be given the chance to anticipate what the picture should look like after the text was read. Additionally, I liked the idea that parents, teachers, and mentors could take an active role in a creative exercise that’s disguised as a children’s book.

Other Offers & Details

Our arms are extended, inviting you to explore CreativeReadingForKids, a website that has been built working closely with my illustrator, that serves as a place to find ways to make money for your school or organization and offer kids a creative way to celebrate literacy skills. Please scope out the “Fundraisers” or “In-School Field Trip” tabs to find out what our team can offer you along with the book. We are proud to present, Matthew’s Monsters, to you and the rest of the community.